(above sentence translated:  "The world is still in order here")

or the mill rattles at the saughing brook


Even if we do not grind the corn those days, we are very proud of being part of the "lower saxony mill street".
These days we rather rattle with pots, plates and pans.

By now we are looking back to more than 100 years of  hospitality and more than 80 years family hold.
Please feel welcome in the cosy atmosphere of the 1434 build historical property with its special character and join us beeing part of the "mill family".

We want  you to feel comfortable in our house, no matter if you are planning a conference or searching for accomodation.
Just visit us and look around.


Brackstedter Muehle

Zum Kuehlen Grunde 2
38448 Wolfsburg

Fon: +49 5366 90 0
Fax +49 5366 90 50