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Terms of service


1.   If a hotel room / function room is ordered, promised or provided, a guest accommodation agreement / rental agreement has been concluded.

2.   The contract for a hotel room includes accommodation and breakfast if required. The contract for event rooms includes the use of the event room as well as individually agreed consumption. The respectively agreed remuneration are the valid daily prices. In addition, services offered in the house (fitness, sauna, etc.) may be available for a separate fee if these services are available.

3.   Option bookings are non-binding for both parties. The hotel reserves the right, after expiry of the option, to re-allocate the reserved hotel rooms / event rooms without consultation.

4.   If advance payments requested by the hotel are not made on the requested date, this shall release the hotel directly from any agreements made.

5.   Items left behind will be forwarded by the customer on demand. The hotel takes care of a storage of max. 6 months, but without liability for left objects.

6.   Messages intended for guests and mail and merchandise shipments are handled with care. The hotel takes over the storage, delivery and on request the non-free forwarding of the same. Liability for loss, delay or damage is excluded.

7.   The contractor is fully liable to the hotel for, through himself, his vicarious agents or his guests, caused damage to the building and inventory, unless the contractor proves a lesser damage.

8.   Unused services from package arrangements in the hotel, restaurant and banquet will not be reimbursed.

Hotel room reservations:

9.   The reserved hotel room is available to the guest on the day of arrival from 2.30 pm until the day of departure 11.00 am. A departure later than 11.00 o'clock requires the arrangement with the receipt the evening before. For departures until 14.00 o'clock the half price will be charged. For departures after 14.00 o'clock the full room rate will be charged.

10.   Reservations will be kept until 6 pm

11.   Should agreed hotel rooms, for whatever reason, be exceptionally unavailable, the hotel will endeavor to obtain equivalent compensation.

12.   The contractor is not entitled to any hotel rooms.

13.   For all group bookings, the hotel will receive a list of participants up to 7 working days before the arrival of the group.

14.   The hotel makes every effort to carry out wake-up calls with the utmost care; Claims for damages from omission are excluded.

Event / table reservations:

15.   Reserved function rooms are max. 2 hours before the beginning of the VA, otherwise a room rent will be charged if necessary. Decoration Elements & Music systems must be dismantled by the decorator, musician or organizer no later than 8.00 am on the day after the event. If dismantling has to be carried out by our employees, we will charge the organizer the additional personnel costs (57.50 € / h / person). Other room usage times may need to be individually agreed with the hotel.

16.   When reserving separate rooms, the regular room usage time from the booked arrival time is 7 hours. Additional times will be charged at € 57.50 per hour per employee if the per capita turnover of food and drink is less than € 95.00. The disposition of the staff remains with the hotel / restaurant.

17.   The contracting party is not entitled to certain event rooms, the disposition of these is the sole responsibility of the hotel. Should the number of persons be reduced by more than 20% between the time of reservation and the event, the hotel reserves the right to change the room layout or to calculate the corresponding costs for room preparation.  
Similarly, room provision costs are due if the organizer specifies which room he will book regardless of the number of persons.

18.   The requirement for the free provision of event rooms is a reasonable, regional, industry-standard turnover. If, in the course of the detailed agreement, it becomes apparent that this is not achievable, the hotel has the right to compensate for the calculation of room provision costs. 19.   For individually ordered menus and buffets, the organizer agrees to provide the hotel with the exact number of participants 36 hours before the start of the event. This number is a guaranteed minimum number and will be charged to the organizer by the hotel in any case.  
In the event of a deviation of more than 20% of the reserved number of persons, the hotel reserves the right to adjust the prices.

20.   The calculation of the prices of individually ordered menus and buffets is inclusive of the free after-service of all hot meals. Remaining leftovers of warm food are therefore generally not given.

21.   The organizer agrees to the consumption of food and drinks. It is not permitted to bring it with you. Exceptions are only possible in consultation with the hotel and upon payment of the customary service costs / corkage.

22.   The contracting party shall bear the costs of cleaning for any damage caused by himself, his vicarious agents or his guests, in and around the house, which exceed the level of usual final cleaning (eg by confetti cannons, rice, "decorated "Hotel room, or similar.).

23.   As far as the hotel arranges third party services of a technical, decorative or other kind for third parties, it acts on behalf of and for the account of the organizer. The organizer is liable for the careful handling and proper return of these items and indemnifies the hotel from all claims of third parties.

General terms of payment:

24.   Individually paying guests have to pay immediately net cash. All guest accounts are payable weekly.

25.   For tourist group travel, a deposit of 50% of the cost of the accommodation is due 4 weeks prior to arrival.

26.   Invoices sent are payable without deduction within 10 days.

27.   The hotel accepts the following credit cards: American Express, Diners, Eurocard, Visa. The hotel is entitled in individual cases to reject foreign currency, checks and credit cards.

28.   If the period between contract and service provision exceeds 180 days, the hotel reserves the right to make price changes without prior notice.

29.   All prices are in Euro and include service charge as well as VAT valid on the day of service. This applies unless stated otherwise.

cancellation policy:

30.   For re-orders and cancellations of booked event rooms / lump-sum arrangements will be charged:
a. up to 6 months before arrival [nbsp no costs - for long-term booked banquet rooms

  • up to 42 days before arrival no costs - for tourist groups
  • up to 28 days before arrival   no costs - for conferences
  • free appointment - 28 days before arrival   25% of the agreed services
  • 27 - 21 days before arrival   50% of the agreed services
  • 20 - 0 days before arrival   80% of the agreed services

b.   For individually reserved hotel rooms, 80% of the agreed services will be charged, unless canceled two business days before arrival.

31.   The guest reserves the right to prove that the hotel did not incur any damage or damage less than the agreed lump sum due to non-use of the service.

32.   If the hotel has reason to believe that the event threatens to jeopardize the smooth operation, security or reputation of the establishment, as well as in case of force majeure or unrest, it may cancel the event. The asserting of any claims for damages against the hotel is excluded here.


33.   If the customer is not the organizer at the same time, both are jointly and severally liable.

34.   Valuables, cash and notes can be deposited in the hotel safe at the reception and are thus insured up to € 1,000. If these are stored by the guest in the hotel room, event rooms or other hotel premises, the hotel assumes no liability.

35.   Ancillary agreements must be in writing.

36.   Place of performance and jurisdiction is Wolfsburg.

37.   The invalidity of individual provisions of the contract / terms and conditions do not affect the validity of the others. Instead of the invalid provisions, a valid one comes closest to it.

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