(above sentence translated: "welcome to cosiness") 


(this is lower german and means somthing like:

versnuuf = deep breath or relax
Stuuv = snuggery)



Get away from daily stress,
and feel good...

 Sauna6  ... this works out unhurriedly over the roof tops from Brackstedt.

 The 150 square meter sized spa area with it's roof terrace is concepted as a village square.

Lounge in the rattan armchairs, read a book and  sattle down.


steam bath,
experice shouwer
panorama Finish style sauna ...


 ... offer not just a chance for a perfect relaxing programm rather a nice view over the beautiful landscape.
 Sauna5  If the weather is playing along,
enjoy your sauna session
with a lovely sunset in the background.

 If you want do keep your body in shape your welcome
to join our little fitness area.